By alemanda
Is it possible to export to .mxs without opening Studio?
It was possible some time ago and it was useful.
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By dariolanza
Hello alemanda,

Of course, it is possible to export your scene to MXS format without using Studio at all.

Which 3D platform do you use for modeling? Maya, 3DSMax? any other? From your modeling application and using the Maxwell plugin, you have the capability to export your scene to MXS format and then render it with Maxwell without using Studio at all.

You should be able to perform the complete scene setup using Maxwell cameras, materials, environment and lighting and launch it to be rendered with Maxwell without running Studio.

In addition to that, architecture geek, what crash problems do you have with Maxwell 3 on OSX? Could you detail what are you experiencing on your system?

Dario Lanza
You mean saving out the mxs scene without starting it in Studio or Render?

It is in the V3 plugin, you can use the File menu "Save as" command.

Unfortunately something is not ok under OSX, so it only works now under Windows. (I will fix the OSX version.)


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