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By joaomourao
The new plugin is working very well...
What about a grass settings load option?! Just like you did recently with skyies.
Would be very handy!
And where can I find explanations of new things in this update? Not descriptions but samples and tips?
Like... what is the radiance multiplier?

Another issue I am dealing is custom images on objects. In Archicad you can use your own images for a picture board object for example... But when you render in Maxwell it will not use the image... :(

By Marton Day8
Hello Joaomourao,

Could you please show/explain me this custom image thing on objects? This issue is not clear for me right now.

About radiance multiplier: AC materials have Emission color property. If it is not black the plugin adds emitter component to the exported Maxwell material. The strength of the emitter is calculated from the color and the Attenuation parameter of the AC material. You can change the automatically calculated emitter power. In case you set the radiance multiplier to 2.0, the calculated emitters will be 2 times stronger, if you set it to 0.5 emitters will be 2 times weaker.

grass preset - it is a valid request, I have added it to the toDo list, but it is not on the top of it.

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By joaomourao
Here it is a sample...


It shows in ArchiCAD but it is not rendered by Maxwell...
How do I fix it? Well I have to create a wall in front of it, then I have to give it some inclination (as the objet), then create a material with the picture (rede vermelha), assign it to the wall and render it... Way too complex!
By Marton Day8
I will check it but it is not easy. When I read the material from AC it doesn't provide the image file or any other info from the actual image.

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By joaomourao
True... there is no material for it... just a path to an image!
It would make sense to have an automatic material for this purpose, one that could be exported to the MXS if we wanted to change it...
Otherwise it would do what several other materials do automatically :)
For me (and I think many others using BIM softwares, also Revit) it is very important to do everything inside the BIM software...
I always avoid going to other softwares like 3ds max etc...
The evolution of this ArchiCAD plugin has been about this, I think... Cheers for that!
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