By jka
Sometimes its necessary to work in Studio after completing the model in ArchiCAD. However, the model usually undergoes many changes.
Is there anything like using a reference file in maxwell? Lets say I have my model exported from Archicad, make a few adjustments in Studio (that take some time) and render. Then, the model i slightly changed, I have to go to Studio again and perform all those little adjustments once again. I was wondering if theres a way to avoid that - just send the changed model to Studio and tell it to use the older Studio file with all the adjustments set (like changing some materials lights etc)?
Such a thing works well with Artlantis.
Is there such a thing in Maxwell? Or do I have to spend hours and hours on adjusting the scene in Studio every time I make a slight change in the model?
By Marton Day8
Sorry, it is not possible.

But with the new plugin you can set most of the parameters inside ArchiCAD so you hopefully don't have to do many changes inside Studio.


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