By mboreskie
We are in a bind, we need to get a series of renderings out before the weekend.
Here's my issue:
We are working in a mac based network, where I am sending a job to a node from my (manager) account. I am using the ArchiCad 15 plug-in. All files are located in shared folders with access by both computers. I can render an image WITHOUT textures without any problems. As soon as I try to render an image using textures it fails, the node manager says: cannot find the "material name".
The network seems to be set up correctly as I can view the files/folders on each computer so I can't understand what's going wrong, please help.
I was told by tech support to use the "pack & go" option in ArchiCad. To my knowledge this option does not exist, as I cannot locate anything of the sort in my photo rendering settings. Is there anywhere else to set-up the output from ArchiCad that I am missing?

Please try to open the exported scene(s) in Maxwell Studio and do Pack and Go from there (File menu > Pack and Go). It collects all the scene textures and other linked files into one directory. You can use that directory as a shared folder for network rendering (or you can copy the files from that directory into the shared folder).

I hope it helps, please let me know how it works for you!


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