By Luis Abreu
Hi there. I'm new here on maxwell. I tried to put some downloaded materials with displacement in AC13 and render with it, but the scale of them appears to be wrong...

what i'm doing wrong??

thx in advance,

By alemanda
The scale of the textures applied with material (I mean maxwell material) is controlled by the texture size used in the internal engine in archicad.
So, open the maxwell material and check if real size are applied to the textures and disable it (putting tile X = 1 and tile Y = 1) in all the maps (bump, displacement, diffuse, etc.). Then set the texture size in the material in the internal engine). Or remove the texture in the internal engine in the material you want to use with the maxwell engine.
Is it clear?
I hope so.
One suggestion is to avoid displacement in archicad because to improve the rendering speed you should control the mesh refinement of the object and in archicad is impossible ...
By Lynchon
i just saw the new shell tool in archicad 15, will it be posible to control the mesh refinement with it?
By Lynchon
The shell tool doesn't seem to help controlling the mesh refinement but now in AC16 there is a new tool, the "morph". With that one you can use displacement.

Right now, when i want to use displacement, for example to create grass, i use a mesh plane subdivided... but that only works if terrain is simple.

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