By Petero

I am under Windows 7 using formz and sending my Mawell render from FZ 6.7.3 via the plugin. all workls fine normally, and now i am getting this message:
..MXS cannot be read. Error reading MXS file. No error

any ideas?


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By dariolanza
Hello Peter,

This "cannot be read" message means that your Maxwell engine is trying to read a MXS file that is newer than the Maxwell version itself, so it can not understand it. It is simply a versions issue.

I guess that you automatically updated your FormZ plugin, but you don't updated your Maxwell engine, so now your FormZ plugin is exporting a MXS scene file in a format that is newer than the Maxwell you are using, so it doesn't understand the newer file definition.

In order to solve it, simply update your Maxwell to the latest version (Maxwell 2.7.20) from our Download Area (through the Customer Gateway). Check also you have the latest FormZ available by the way.
Keep always both pieces synchronized to the latest version, as this is the way they were designed to work.

Let me know if this solves the issue.


Dario Lanza
By Petero
No, it's all

when i make a new file it works...something about the paths?

the funny thing is that an Mxs IS made and CAN be opened directly into studio, except there are no objects in it...


By Petero
Ok I found it. In Formz i had created a perspective view and saved it, but it was unnamed for some reason. itwas there in my list of views but the "View Name" feild was blank. As soon as i deleted it, all worked again..(it wasn't the view I was trying to render though!!)

Thanks for speedy reply!!


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