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By pylon
form•Z 7 / Maxwell Customers,

A technology preview of the new Maxwell for form•Z 7 plugin is available now.

This update incorporates numerous new features and improvements, including:

• Maxwell Fire support for real-time previewing of views, lights, materials and objects
• Maxwell Grass support
• Dramatically faster scene export
• Significantly enhanced Materials and Lights support
• New Resource Manager which automatically detects and corrects missing file dependencies, even when moving between workstations

And plugin documentation here: ... Id=5079184

The technology preview plugin is available to existing customers from the Next Limit customer gateway:

Please provide feedback on the technology preview the temporary forum here: ... 57565.html

We look forward to hearing from you!

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By pylon
Maxwell for formZ Technology Preview Released

In this Technology Preview, Animation has been re-implemented. The new animation system uses a "delta" scheme, where only changed entities are exported for each frame, resulting in dramatically faster export and much smaller mxs files.

This release also corrects a number of minor issues.

Technology Preview is available for download now at the Next Limit Customer portal:
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