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By Asmithey
I have a smooth objects that render all the curves nice and smooth in Z. When I export to Maxwell they are very faceted and nasty. I hope I do not have to convert these into facetted objects. Is there way to control this with the smoothing angle. If so, what should I set it to in order to get a great result in Maxwell Render? These objects were created in solid works. I have imported them at high resolution and the model is not facetted looking in the modeling window.
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By Steven Houtzager
Yup I deal with this all of the time. I found it is best to convert the smooth object to a facetted object. It goes into Maxwell quicker and you are controlling the smoothness.

To control the mesh density, before converting to facetted query the object and then select display resolution. I usually use a dense mesh on products so the reflections are smooth.

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