I use FMZ 6.5.6 and didn't catch the update to the maxwell plug. When I go to the NL plugin update page it'll only allow me to get the latest version of the plugin which isn't compatible with my version of FMZ.

So where/how can I get this older version of the maxwell plugin?

6.5 is no longer supported. However, if you have a working configuration and do not upgrade the plugin or Maxwell Render, it will continue to work indefinitely.

We highly recommend upgrading to formZ 6.7 and then downloading the latest versions of Maxwell and the Maxwell plugin. Both contain many improvements. Very Inexpensive upgrades from 6.5 are available from:
Thanks Pylon.

If it was up to me I would go ahead and upgrade FZ, but in this office I am told I cannot.

The problem is that my version of Maxwell is current so materials created/modified with the newer Maxwell are starting to get funky when used with the older plugin for FormZ. Some don't work at all.

Is there any reason I can't get hold of the latest version of the plugin that will work with FZ 6.5.6?


Still, would be nice to be able to upgrade the Maxwell plugin to the highest version for my FZ, wouldn't it? I assume there are some improvements, otherwise no need for a new version. Maybe some kind soul with the version of the plugin will PM me since I seem to be running into a wall here?

I guess the trick now is figuring out how to convert my 2.5 materials back to 2.0.
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