By Gary
Hello Ben & Z users,

I use the "automatic" selection under "Output File Paths" in the Maxwell Render Options dialog. It has been a great addition and let's me set it and forget it.

What I would propose is to expose to the user some options for naming the file. Currently the auto generated file names take on the FormZ file name, the view name, and the scene name (if a view and scene are used). This can not only create some really long file names but also some redundancy with in file names when scenes have the same names as views.

So, if when a user selected "automatic" under "Output File Paths", 3 radio buttons could be revealed with the names 1. file, 2. view, and 3. scene. The saved file names would then be driven by which radio buttons you choose.

Would this be of value to anyone?

By Gary
Hey Ben,

If you can incorporate this it would be great. I think it is safe to assume other users who get into auto neamed, multi -view, multi-scene files will appreciate it.

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