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By Asmithey
Hi there,

Is there time line, that you can share, as to when the v2.5 Maxwell material editor problem with in the Form-Z plug-in will be addressed?

Thank you,

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By pylon
This issue was resolved with plugin version

Below are the current valid configurations of formZ, Maxwell Render, and the formZ/Maxwell plugin, as of 1/27/2011:

• formZ 6.1 + Maxwell Render 2.1.0 + MaxwellZ Plugin

• formZ 6.5/6.6 + Maxwell Render 2.1.0 + MaxwellZ Plugin

• formZ 6.7 + Maxwell Render 2.5.0 + MaxwellZ Plugin

It is strongly advised that users upgrade to formZ 6.7 and use the latest version of the plugin, which is far superior. The 6.7 upgrade is very inexpensive, and available online here:

Current plugins are available here:

We hope this helps clear things up for others!
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