By big K

normally i use the c4d plugin, but as i work also with formz, i wanted to give it a go.
but with my first test i ran into a problem.
when i try to use the formZ lights, they are somehow not exported (even though i checked to export them in the light tab)
maxwell reports an error, that the scene has no lights and therefore is not rendered.
i don´t know what i am doing wrong with my scene or export setup.

any idea?


P.s. i have setup a normal point light, a sunlight (as there is always one sunlight in formZ), and an area light.

i am using formZ32 on windows7 64
By big K
i have also noticed, that it is not possible to use the sun with IBL which is possible with the cinema4d plugin.
(there you are able to combine the sun with all methods as it is a seperate option)
By big K
hi Ben,

i have had the latest plugin installed ( and the lights are not exported. (o.k. the area light is not supported, but the other two should work ?)

and i don´t see an option for the sun when i choose IBL
(but i have found out this this option does no longer exist - even in studio this option isn´t available anymore. i think it used to be. i will adress this in the general maxwell forum, as i would like to add a sun light to my HDRI - it is still an option in the c4d plugin (it does not work though)
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