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By Mitsurugi
Hey guys,

I have a general proxy workflow question.

I have been using 3d human characters by AXYZ for a while now (, I think they are a great timesaver for the type of work that I do. They come in Sketchup format, but if I place loads of them in my skp model the size of the file goes sky high, and this is when using the axyz models with jpg textures. The 3d human character models come also with an .obj format and higher quality targa textures, so my workflow is generally like the one showed on the picture:

screen shots

I use the .obj format of the file in Maxwell studio, as shown on the left, edit it with high res textures. Then I place it in the Sketchup file as a proxy, shown in the middle, the right part of the image showing the proxy rendered with Fire inside Sketchup.

The question is, is there any way to have a low poly 3d character instead of the red box? I use a short line, like the one on the bottom of the box showing the direction the character is lookng at, and in general it is ok, but when I have 20 of these characters in a scene, it gets a time consuming to rerender stuff and create a composition with these guys.

The worst case/ time consuming scenario for me would be to use a software like Polygon Cruncher and create the low poly models manually, but I sure hope there is a way to do this faster. Would be nice, because I also want to do this thing with my Xfrog Plant collection.

Thanks guys,

By JDHill
If the referenced MXS file contains only one object, there will only be one bounding box in the proxy geometry. However, provided you do not use the right-click > Maxwell > MXS Reference > Update Proxy command on a reference, you are free to replace the geometry in its definition (it is just a Component Instance like any other, except that it has data stored on its definition, indicating to the plugin that it is to be interpreted as an MXS Reference, rather than being exported like other components) with whatever you like. If you foresee re-using a particular MXS often, you might create a SKP, insert the reference, edit the reference's definition to contain geometry more to your liking (which, again, will be ignored at export time), and then import that SKP into future models, rather than starting from scratch with a new MXS Reference every time.

There is not, however, any functionality for automatically reducing the referenced MXS geometry to a low-poly version; there are only bounding boxes.
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