By umdrehung

I'm using Sketchup 2013 and the plugin (Render Suite) Version 3.1.4.

I was wondering, if there is a known bug with the UV scaling:
I've got an mxm for a parquet floor, texture tiling in mxed is set to 1 for both directions.

I applied the texture in Sketchup and linked it to the mxm.
If I leave the position and scaling of the texture in Sketchup untouched, it is in the rendering more than half of the size of the display in Sketchup.
If I scale it to compensate it, the texture suddenly becomes about 4 times larger than it is in the Sketchup display.

Can anybody help?

Thank you
By JDHill
I know of no such issue, so please first consider updating Maxwell and the plugin to the latest versions available from the early builds page, and then, if you still see the same behavior, please upload an example model & MXM, so I can try to reproduce it (I already have, but have not yet seen a problem) here.
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