Half Life wrote:Hey Brodie! Long time no see -- I hope things are going well in the new digs.

I could not have done it without the work of excellent testers, and alot of help from the people at Maxwell and Arroway.

I'll tell you though, the best thing I got out of this project was a greater understanding of just how powerful and useful PyMaxwell really is... :shock:

Thanks, things are going great. If there's a downside it's that I haven't had a chance to dig into Maxwell lately which is unfortunate. Hope to be able to soon.

Hi there
Having a little more time than usual on my hands, thought would be nice to make a clean install of 2.7 + all of the great features that you have done here with the skm + mxm catalogue !
I have copied the high res in the right folders, and the mxm's are also located accordingly to the paths specified!

I have renamed using faststone already a few of the png's since they do not have always the right names, but I come across a very strange behaviour!


basically the pngs have disappeared from windows, but are still there in faststone where i can edit them etc...
the paths are the same, but they are vanished in the explorer and mxed cannot find them...duhh

anyone got a clue ( windows search cannot seem to find them either...)...weirdddd

You might check the menu item Tools>Folder Options>View -- make sure that you have "show hidden files,folder and drives enabled (why they would be hidden I have no idea).

As far as MXED not finding the textures, it may be because the folder called "Program Files" on my system is "Programmes" on yours...

yes windows 7 has this stupid way of calling program files programmes in french....but its just the way it appears ( in the real windows paths it is still program files normally)

png files have vanished !!!: has to be the way faststone works but there is not way I can change that > i'm going to use acdsee to batch rename the files and see how it goes...

actually got a clue: it seems impossible to rename a file within program files using a batch processing tool, even if the files are not read only....yes this is sick! Update: succeeded using "advanced renamer" program, and doing it outside the program files folder ( see below).

Update: Am on Windows 7 pro: it seems microsoft has decided to bann users from modifying any content of the files /folders within program files: its impossible to write in those folders, despite modifying the read only option in the windows settings. Everytime you modify that setting it comes back as read only...The only bypass seems to use the take ownership method in the reg. or by modifying files outside of the program files folder..that's a huge limitation :(

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