By JDHill
Maxwell for SolidWorks
Version 2.7.25 Release Notes

This version of the plugin introduces support for Maxwell MXS References, and improves the behavior of in-viewport Maxwell Fire rendering.

  • Added support for Maxwell MXS References.
  • Grass textures are now included in Pack & Go.
  • Pack & Go no longer runs for Fire exports.
  • Textures are now auto-enabled when assigned.
  • Missing textures are no longer auto-disabled.
  • Moved Refresh Viewport button to the Materials tab.
  • Improved in-viewport Maxwell Fire behavior.
  • Added Maxwell Fire "Save to clipboard" feature.

  • Fixed some problems with mxm-linking.
  • Fixed some problems with custom cursors.

Downloads (if I find these linked anywhere, I'll remove them)
  • Regarding MXS References (this is mentioned in the manual too) -- basically, to create one, you create a dummy .sldprt and insert this into an assembly; selecting the body in the assembly, you will be able to set its MXS Reference path in Scene Manager > Object Properties. At export time, it will be an MXS Reference that is written, rather than the geometry in the .sldprt. If there are multiple instances of the body in the assembly, those additional copies will be exported as instances of the MXS Reference. Since instance handling in SolidWorks is already quite transparent and efficient, the main usefulness of this may be in its providing the ability to easily insert geometry that is impossible or inconvenient to work with (say, from a different application) as native SolidWorks geometry.

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