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Maxwell for SolidWorks 2.7.0

Posted: Tue Jun 19, 2012 2:35 am
by JDHill
Maxwell for SolidWorks
Version 2.7.0 Release Notes

  • This build adds support for the Maxwell Grass extension
  • Added new 'Extensions' pages in Scene and Database Managers.
  • Texture Editor is once again independent from the Material Editor.
  • The Output page now more closely matches current Studio.
  • Disabling Maxwell Fire no longer clears the rendered image.
  • You can now cut/copypaste material components using CTRL+X/C/V.
  • Import .SKY file dialog now remembers its previous path.
  • MXM References are cleared when rendering in Maxwell Fire.
  • The plugin now explicitly checks for cycles in MXM References.
  • Added Load/Save Plugin Options commands in Options page.
  • If an MXM-Linked material is modified, it gets an orange border.
  • You can now update linked MXMs from the Materials list.
  • Added new Network options (Start Node/Manager, bind to IP).
  • Enabling Multi-materials on a body enables Output > Multi-materials.
  • Solved issues with an NVIDIA (perhaps Optimus-related) driver.
  • Texture preview was being scaled incorrectly in Real Scale mode.
  • Displacement node could be incorrectly hidden when reading MXMs.
  • Show Sun in Viewport feature was broken.
  • Emitters were being read/written incorrectly.
  • Values could sometimes be initiailized incorrectly.
  • MXM & IES paths were considered invalid when empty.
  • Material thumbnail text could remain unset in some cases.
  • Vector displacement UI did not allow negative Scale values.
  • The plugin could crash when reading certain MXI files.
  • Changes to IBL textures were causing Material Editor updates.
  • The Camera HUD was causing problems when editing a feature.