By JDHill
Maxwell for SolidWorks
Version 2.6.15 Release Notes

  • The Output page now more closely matches current Studio.
  • Disabling Maxwell Fire no longer clears the rendered image.
  • You can now cut/copypaste material components using CTRL+X/C/V.
  • Import .SKY file dialog now remembers its previous path.
  • MXM References are cleared when rendering in Maxwell Fire.
  • The plugin now explicitly checks for cycles in MXM References.
  • Added Load/Save Plugin Options commands in Options page.
  • If an MXM-Linked material is modified, it gets an orange border.
  • You can now update linked MXMs from the Materials list.
  • Added new Network options (Start Node/Manager, bind to IP).
  • Enabling Multi-materials on a body enables Output > Multi-materials.
  • Solved issues with an NVIDIA (perhaps Optimus-related) driver.
  • Show Sun in Viewport feature was broken.
  • Emitters were being read/written incorrectly.
  • Values could sometimes be initiailized incorrectly.
  • MXM & IES paths were considered invalid when empty.
  • Material thumbnail text could remain unset in some cases.
  • Vector displacement UI did not allow negative Scale values.
  • The plugin could crash when reading certain MXI files.
  • Changes to IBL textures were causing Material Editor updates.
  • The Camera HUD was causing problems when editing a feature.
  • As noted, the Output page has been updated to reflect newer Maxwell output options: channels & channel formats, mxi output, etc. Much work has also been done behind the scenes regarding MXM Linking; reference paths are zeroed-out when rendering the material in Maxwell Fire, allowing temporal changes to be previewed. When such changes are made to an MXM Linked material, its border will change to orange, as mentioned above; such a material will preview and render as it exists in SolidWorks, but not in Maxwell, since the MXM file to which it points has not been changed; to push your changes back to the source MXM file, use Options > Update Linked MXM in the material editor, or the new Update MXM(s) item in the Scene Manager > Materials context menu.
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