Imported a 3ds file and would like to add materials to the kitchen. Added a cherry texture to the island and when I went to render the island was white. Why did the texture not take. Will all versions of Maxwell materials work in maxwell 3.2? Do you first have to convert them to version 3 textures before applying them. Can anyone suggest some good tutorials to watch that would show me how to apply materials to an imported model? Thanks, Brent Kjernisted
That just means external resources (texture files, etc) cannot be found at the paths indicated; if you open the Scene Manager and go to the Options tab, in the last section (Search Paths) you will find some settings to help deal with this: Perform Path Checking, along with several folder paths you can set, where assets may be found. With these set, when the plugin encounters a missing resource, it will try to find a matching file name in any of the search paths, and use the one it finds, if it does. Also note the Search Depth setting, by which you can direct the plugin to search N-levels deep in each of the search paths; use that with care though -- I'd recommend setting it to no greater than 3 or 4, since depending on the folders searched (say, if you set a path to C:\, for instance), you can easily slow things down a lot by asking the plugin to search through thousands of files.
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