i can't get the spotlight emitter material working in the latest beta.

Haven't used it in a while so i am not sure if it was working in the previous plugin Version.

Neither assigning it to a rhino spotlight nor to a little sphere gives predictable results; in the render the lights suddenly disappear, the beam is cut off or they are much to dark for a given output.
can you reproduce that?

this shows a little sphere and a spotlight over a simple plane (skydome is on just a tiny bit hence the lighter background)
this is on SR12/10.08.15 btw.

&thanks for the quick check-up!

* it is really strange: when there are two lights, moving one changes the look of the other. sometimes it disappears totally.
could it be some unit conversion error, like .ies geometry getting in the way?
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Thanks Luis, it's great to see progress with MW!

Thanks Fernando!