By AlexP
Hi Jeremy,

I'm trying scatter extension and fire is crashing when lots of instances are defined. I've checked and in studio same scene and it works fine.
Also I've noticed flood in command line with:
Maxwell: Error => Object is not a instance (caller=getInstanced)

Best regs.
By JDHill
To be accurate, though, I do not see any crash. FIRE is taking a long time to do something with instances, but eventually it starts & renders. So please clarify whether you mean there is actually a crash, or not.
By AlexP
It depends. Sometimes there is instant rhino crash, sometimes it hangs for ages and sometimes it works. But it crashes more often then hangs.
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By dk2079
i can confirm similar behavior using the grass extension.

it is hard to put in words but basically it seems as if the command line gets "stuck" nothing happens for 10min or more and then all of a sudden it prints thousands of lines "Maxwell: Error => Object is not a instance (caller=getInstanced)"

because in the background fire is already rendering, but redraw does not work and rhino is unresponsive until the command line plotted all the text.

another interesting thing with my scene was that the grass object alone would render fine.
only when exported together with other elements that "lag" showed up.

if you want i can dig the scene out tomorrow and send it.
By JDHill
Shouldn't be necessary, I don't think I'm seeing anything different than you (but I've not seen any crashes yet).

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