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By Mihai
Dear Rhino experts,

I'm trying to finish this render and having problems with the top knob, trying to add some tiny fillets to it. I have no idea why it's failing if I try to apply it to too many (I think) edges at the same time. But I can't apply them in parts either, or they won't end up matching together. The model is from turbosquid and I'm guessing it's been modelled in MoI.


I would be very grateful if someone could take a look at this knob model and tell me why it's failing, or if there would be a way to make it work. I am by no means a Rhino modelling expert and I have no clue where to start looking. I've typed the "what" command and it just told me stuff is fine from what I could tell.

Knob 3dm: ... file%2c3dm

Thanks a lot for any help!
By kami
Hi Mihai
Usually this can come from the tolerance settings.
If you go to _DocumentProperties then to Units, then Model and decrease the tolerance then it should work.
I put the absolute tolerance to 0.0001 units and the relative tolerance to 0.1 percent and was able to fillet the object with a radios of 0.002
Does that work for you?
Cheers, Kami
By raja
Hello Mihai,

what fillet size were you trying? maybe its due to scale of the model, the knob diameter in the file is 2.153 units.
Assuming MM, i scaled it to 18mm and used FilletEdge with 0.005mm selecting all the edges together, and it works.

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By dk2079
spot on Kami. tolerances need to be set high enough

as an alternative you can "_ApplyEdgeSoftening"

define the 0.002 radius as softening and "_ExtractRendermesh" of the nurbs object.

you will end up with a mesh but if rendering is your goal (which i assume) that's fine.

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By Mihai
Wonderful!! Thanks so much for your help guys, this was driving me crazy. That applyedgesoftening sounds great too, will definitely remember that.

One final question, why do you write those commands starting with an underscore?
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By Mihai
a non english rhino install
Such wonderful things exist in this world :P

Tried now the applyedgesoftening and it works great, just wished that Rhino sent this actual mesh to the plugin. It looks like I have to first extract the mesh? Strange because I thought Rhino just sends the plugin the "finished" render meshes, which I do get with the extractrendermesh command.
By JDHill
Mihai wrote:Strange because I thought Rhino just sends the plugin the "finished" render meshes...
You'd think so, but no. However, if you run 32-bit Rhino (and install the 32-bit plugin), then you can use the plugin option "Ignore RDK" (set to No), to have the modified mesh used instead.
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By dk2079
JDHill wrote:
Mihai wrote:However, if you run 32-bit Rhino (and install the 32-bit plugin)
is there a chance this limitation will be removed?
I was hoping at some time after v5 release there was a chance to get the 64bit working.

wolud be great to get curvepiping, displacement and edgesoftening to work natively.

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