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By greengreen
Thanks for this feature! It would be very helpful for my work, I'm trying to get it up and running.

I tried it with a jpeg I created, after it reached the sampling level (I set it to 4 as a test), it did not keep going in my defined area to the higher number.

I read through the documentation on it ... a+Sampling, but I am still stumped. I tried using a png instead, but that didn't work either.

I then tried using a custom alpha ... ha+channel, but it describes things like the "+" icon next to the materials column, but I don't see these items. All I can do is type text in to the box. Also, the documentation seems to have broken image links.
By JDHill
I can't tell you much about the Extra Sampling feature itself, not having used it much yet myself, so I'd recommend posting any questions about it in the main forum.

As far as setting a custom alpha, it works a bit differently in the plugin than in Studio; in the Output page, you add your custom alpha channels, and in the Object Properties and/or Material Editor, you include objects/materials in a custom alpha channel by adding the name of the desired channel in the Custom Alphas text box (see here & here -- to include in multiple custom alpha channels, add multiple names, separated by commas).
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By greengreen
Works after opening in Studio and then selecting the jpeg to be used as the extra sampling mask, makes me think there is a disconnect in the plug-in during export
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By JDHill
Yes, looks like you'll have to do it in Studio or Maxwell, because I didn't notice that the name of a parameter in the SDK had been changed.
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By greengreen
No problem, thanks JD. Can this be added to the list for the next plug-in update?

I use renderings as part of my design workflow and constantly output renderings, it really helps to smoothly go from Rhino to rendering.
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