By kami
Hi Jeremy
Is it possible to access the settings for:
- Append Camera Name
- Auto File naming
- sun radius
- Export instances
- beeing able to modify or read the data of Reflectaion, Refraction and Illumination Channel in Image Based Environment (at the moment only the background channel is accessible)
Via a rhino script?
By JDHill
On the first four, no, those are not covered. On the last, I'm unclear what you mean by saying only the Background is accessible; via the Maxwell_EnvironmentSettings command, you can set parameter values for any of the four channels.
By kami
Is there no way that you could implement these functions?
We started to create some scripts to automate processes and would really need a bit more access to the maxwell settings.

examples of scripts we are working on:
- store different sun settings according to different views
- replacing parts of your model with an mxs reference of the same elements
- starting a network render automatically changes the output path to a network location
- creating mxs references of all our library elements and creating preview images from the same pov
By JDHill
I can certainly expose more parameters to RhinoScript, but at this point, I will probably only do so if you specifically request them, since there are so many, and I don't want to waste time writing code that has little likelihood of ever being used. So I will look into implementing the ones you listed in your first post -- and just let me know of any others you need.

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