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By greengreen
My booleans are not cutting some objects that are part of blocks.

This might be because my model is too far from the origin. I would move the geometry to the origin, but is there a way to also move my cameras? Or can I set the origin of the model and leave the cameras and geometry where they are?

I'm on a deadline here, so I may just cut my geometry, but I have had this question before so it would be great to know if there was a way to move the geometry and the camera together
By JDHill
I'm not actually sure -- a Maxwell camera is just some data associated with a Rhino view, so to move it (or all of them), you have to move the view, and you would probably do better to ask about that on the Rhino forum.
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By greengreen
You can! Just need to view>set camera>show camera or F6. Then in another viewport (top seems best), move it from a point to 0,0,0

I had to do this for each named view. I also drew a curve from a point near my geometry to 0,0,0 so that I can move things from the same point each time.

Important to re-save the views after you move them, otherwise they reset to their original position.

There is another thing called "Show named view widget", which is at the bottom of the named views panel, but when I moved erratically when I tried to move them precisely (very strange) and I couldn't undo moving the cameras, not the widgets, is the way to go.

This did not fix the boolean problem though. I tried exporting to Studio to try adjusting the boolean with a plane geometry, but I am struggling
By JDHill
It's difficult to comment, without seeing a concrete example of, or set of steps required to reproduce, the problem.

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