I asked this question before for C4D, but we have the same problem with Rhino. In Rhino's "rendered" view (Not Fire), we would like to see the colors of the materials instead of the maps which are present in the material. I cannot seem to find the setting for this. We use referenced materials, and also choosing the represented texture in MXED is not possible?

MXM-reference links are also getting disabled when the file is closed and opened again? How is this possible?

I could really use some help of the Rhino users here! It looks like the Rhino users at our company are discovering Maxwell, but some anoying problems like these may keep Maxwell from implementation :(

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The situation is a bit different in the Rhino plugin: open the material in the plugin's material editor and left-click any texture button that has no texture assigned; you should see it is then the general material color that is shown in the rendered Rhino viewport. As to linked MXM materials losing their "linked" status, please let me know which version of the plugin you are using, as I am not able to observe this here (it happened in some older version, I recall).
Hello JD,

Thanks the first "problem" is solved. By clicking a random texture button I see the colors appear.

The materials do still loose their linked status. I was using but switched this morning to, but the problem still remaines.

Unfortunately, I'm still having no luck reproducing that. Could you please try to check it in a simplified test, starting with a new 3DM, importing & linking to an MXM, saving, and then closing/re-opening the file?

I tried that, but still no luck. When placing a new material from library in a new file and edit it by double click, I check the MXM Link box. Closing the file and reopening it will break the link.

I could send you the 3DM

Stupid me :oops:

Never new the existence of this checkbox, sorry for waisting your time :roll:

Thank you JD, have a nice weekend.
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