By ricardo
Hi JD and the rest of the gang, hope this finds you well!

I've been away from MR/Rhino for a while, not upgraded to 3 and I am lost.

How is it that one pushes the sea mesh into the Rhino viewports?

Better yet, where I can read about what's in this new V3 versions and how to start it?

By JDHill
Hey Ricardo, nice to hear from you. :) I believe everything new for V3 can be found listed in the plugin updates thread in this forum. As far as showing a Maxwell Sea in Rhino's viewport, this is done using a command (Maxwell_SetMaxwellSeaDisplay, which is on the right-click side of the associated toolbar button) that is in the plugin's Functions toolbar, so make sure you've either allowed the plugin to update its toolbars when you first run a newly-installed version, or if you've dismissed that dialog already, run the Maxwell_ToolbarReset command to get them updated. I'd also recommend using the latest plugin from the betas page, with the warning that if you use MXS References, it's necessary with that version to ensure that the referenced MXS doesn't contain any instances, due to an issue in the SDK used by that build.
By ricardo
Hi JD, thanks, found it. I formatted and installed from scratch, so everything is brand new as downloaded this week.

Now it seems a bit shaky: one object that renders will report no selected objects, even after I run select assigned objects.

Here goes the file.
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
By JDHill
Looks like the selection code for the context menu isn't working properly.

That aside, rather than do this by drawing a box, and then assigning a Maxwell Sea extension, please try using the Create Maxwell Sea command in the Functions toolbar instead. This has nothing to do with this selection issue, but rather than create the sea object based on the bounding box of the geometry you provide, it instead creates a block definition containing a mesh or point cloud representing the sea surface, instances of which you can move/scale/etc, and have the changes update interactively in Maxwell FIRE.
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