By adamwade
Hey JD,

All the maps seem to get stuck in channel #1. Rhino 5, Window 7, Dell, MW v3. See the screen shots. Hopefully it's me being stupid as usual. Thanks !

By JDHill
The important question would be what happens in Maxwell FIRE & Maxwell Render. Reason being, in Rhino 5, I can't control which mapping you see in the viewport; in Rhino 4, I could -- depending on the channel of the texture you had selected in the material editor, I could get Rhino to show the mapping for that channel in the viewport. If you check what is actually rendered, you should find that textures are rendered using the proper mappings.
By adamwade
Interesting......that sounds frustrating. I just played around and yes, MW Fire does show the mapping correctly.

The other discoveries I just noticed are:

1) Rhino seems to only display all textures through the channel #1 projector only.
2) If I show the channel #2 widget and then click drag it's position Rhino suddenly displays it correctly (live motion). Once I release the mouse it changes back to channel #1. Weird.

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