By kami
One question concerning the export of geometry.
I have a file where the first mxs export for rendering takes much longer than the following exports (several minutes). And it is not a complicated file.
The funny thing is that this only happens the first time you render, all the other exports run in seconds. When I close and reopen rhino it takes a long time again.
I remember having a few files with that issue over the last few month.
I'm still using the 2.7 plugin ... If this hasn't changed with 3.0, should I send you the file or should I retry again when I've upgraded to 3.0?
By JDHill
I would like to see the file, regardless whether you've upgraded or not, in order to figure out what could cause it to do that. Not knowing the reason, I couldn't say whether it would behave differently with the V3 plugin.

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