By Edward1986

Is there a way of rendering with the wireframe turned on? I am trying to render a gold object but I would like to still see the wireframe of the mesh...


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By polynurb
overlay an high res printout from eg. technical view mode, or preferably create a make2d with current view and overlay in illustrator. however this will not work for meshes (make2d is nurbs only)
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By polynurb
you could also extract the wireframe and pipe it (better in grasshopper), but beware your mesh settings; thousands of pipes will bring your machine down.
By kami
What I do to acheive this is the technical view (or wireframe) in combination with the normal print command.
There you can select "Image File" as an output. I usually put the resolution much higher than I need it an resize it in photoshop as a smart object.
I think it sould also work with a vector output and a pdf, but I didn't try this one out yet.
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