Sorry if I missed the information, but is there a way to disable directly, in the rhino plug-in, the three options Motion blur/Displacement/dispersion ?

When I open the .mxs there always on.

I have an animation to render and I don't want to manually remove those options for all frames.

Thank you,

Those particular switches are not yet exposed in the plugin UI. You can enable them for single-frame rendering by putting switches in Output > Command Line:
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-motionblur:off -displacement:off -dispersion:off
For an animation, though, it would be necessary to export the frames and render the animation from a Windows command prompt:
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C:\Program Files\Next Limit\Maxwell 2> maxwell.exe -mxs:"c:\dir\frame_0000.mxs" -d -a:0-100 -motionblur:off -displacement:off -dispersion:off

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