By Frank1000
the same scene renders fine in SI with Maxwell Fire, but when i export it and render it in the Maxwell Render program, the scene objects are fully black, only the sky is rendering. As if there is no light in the scene.

I've made a new cam and removed the old one, but still.
Thinking and thinking what it could be but no idea coming yet.
What can i try next ?


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By Mihnea Balta
This could be a voxelization bug in the engine. You could try removing some objects to see if the problem disappears. If you find the offending object, please send me a reduced scene which reproduces the problem, so I can forward it to the engine guys. If you can't locate the problem object, you can also send me the full scene and I'll try to narrow it down.
By Frank1000
Hi Mihai,
Thank you for your reply and hints. I now found out that the reason was that I was using a .jpg texture as source for an emitter, rather than a .hdr.
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