By Frank1000
when i render a spherical image in Maxwell im receiving a gap in the result:

Here the gap on the textured sphere in SI:

The scene has no gap:

I've tried out 2:1 aspect ratio, played with the FOV to be a bit less than 180°, the Diaphragm type, ... but still.
How is this to be managed to get rid of the gap ?

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By Mihai
You're setting the "Lens FOV" parameter from the custom Maxwell attributes of the Maxwell camera, as well as the lens type to spherical? If you open the MXS in studio what do the camera settings say? Take a screenshot if you can.
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By Mihai
Ok and open the MXS in Studio, what do the cam settings say? Also what is the render rez set to (in Studio again, not in XSI). The idea is to see what the plugin exported, so Studio is good for debugging sometimes.
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