By raduc
Version 3.0.9
  • added support for region rendering
  • added FIRE support to linux build
  • fixed: the plugin no longer exports instances that were marked as invisible to render
Version 3.0.10
  • added import/export mxm functions
  • added support for xsi 2015
  • fixed: emitter values didn't get set corectly
  • fixed: motion blur matrices for extension objects were incorrectly exported
  • fixed: coating conductor and abbe didn't get exported
  • fixed: emitter projection map were imported incorrectly
  • fixed: bsdf scattering thickness didn't get imported
  • fixed: material id was incorrectly imported
  • fixed: material id could not be set to black
Version 3.0.12
  • fixed: wrong lower limit for rotation variation on Y and Z for the scatter procedural
  • fixed: the plug-in was trying to load libmmd.dll and svml_dispmd.dll at startup, which is are no longer part of the Maxwell installation, and it skipped loading extensions if these two files were not present

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