By mixepix
I've already shared this on the Maxwell Twitter but as I did it with the Softimage plug I might as well share it here.:) Me and two other guy did this low budget (but still vfx-heavy) music video that was released yesterday. Hope you like it.

Credits as follows:

Director/Animaton/illustration/VFX: Kristofer Ström
Director/Animaton/3D/VFX: Erik Buchholtz
Director/Animaton/3D/VFX: Mikael Pettersén

Camera: Nils Byrfors
Game-music: Douglas Holmquist
Additional comp: Martin Ottosson, Filippa Edghill
Producer: Tamsin Glasson - Colonel Blimp
Producer: Bart Yates - Blinkink
Label: Audioporn records
Artist: Xilent
Track: Boss Wave
By mixepix
Thanks, guys! :)

Mihai: I built an ICE compound that could convert any given mesh to small cubes and then copied the result into an empty polymesh. By doing this I could camera project the old image on the pixel/voxel-mesh and break it up with the help of Exocortex Momentum which has a nice feature called "deform bodies". I used Eric's emTopolizer for the blood when the guys hand gets shot off. Other than that everything was pretty straightforward.
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