A suggestion for a workflow improvement --

Unless there's a workflow I'm not aware of, it would be great to have a way to submit an MXS directly to the manager and queue it for network rendering. Ideally this would bypass the intermediate step of having to submit the render through the maxwell rendering application.

The workflow I'm imagining is something like this:
1) launch manager, and rendernodes on appropriate machines
2) launch Softimage, submit your scene and passes to the manager with the appropriate flags (cooperative, animation, etc.)
3) close Softimage, let manager handle the renders

Ideally also the plugin would warn you if the mxs is ending up in the default XSI temp directory.


By mixepix
Actually you can use the export option (it's in the File-menu) inside Softimage and that is what I usually do. It only export one of the passes though so it's still a bit of hassle. It would be nice to have an option that export all the renderpasses like you suggest.
Could I make a suggestion - it would be very helpful to support Softimage tokens, e.g. [Pass] or [Scene] in the .mxs output path, it would not only save typing but also a lot of potential for human error.

Otherwise this feature is really useful and helpful in terms of making good use of the network queue while being able to continue to work. Thanks for this!

One more thing I noticed - when submitting directly to the manager choosing "Animation Job" doesn't seem to properly pass values over to the submitter properly in the way that selecting "Batch Job" does. For example it seems to ignore the output format specified in the render pass options (sets it to .tga), and everything else that was set in Softimage. Unless I'm misunderstanding the distinction how "Animation Job" is supposed to work (like what differentiates it from a batch job).

Sorry if this is a stupid question...

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