By druitres

I'm trying to render an animation with ICE particles set to instanced geometry, but all I get to see (in FIRE and in Studio) is one instance. Is there a setting/property I have to apply to either the ICEtree or the instanced geometry before Maxwell sees it?

(V 2.7.20, plugin 2.7.7)
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By Mihai
You used an instance shape node for the particles? I don't think selecting an instance works correctly by the looks of it, but you can select the geometry instead - they will become instances when emitted by the particle system and Maxwell can render them as instances too. Or, if you have a Model with a bunch of real geometry under it, you can also select the Model in the instance shape node and that will work too.
By druitres
Hi Mihai,

nope, I'm using the geometry itself, not an instance. I did some testing and now I have this quite absurd solution - it works as long as the emitter (emit from geometry - surface) is set to a number of particles per second higher than 73. At 73, only 1 particle is rendered, at 74, all of them are there.

Could you check this to see if you get the same result?

I cant get to my server atm, I'll upload an example tonight if needed.
By mixepix
Never mind, solved it. In my case it was a cached point cloud that didn't work but by initialize the particle attributes in a new ICE-tree everything rendered out just fine.
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