By druitres

if I set up renderpasses with dedicated maxwellsettings and cameras per pass and then go to file>export>Maxwell>MXS and do this for each pass in turn, it seems the exported MXS doesn't take the selected pass into account... it doesn't see the pass camera and doesn't use the MXS name as specified in the pass maxwell settings. In fact, I'm not sure the MXS does anything at all with regards to pass information when I export through 'file>etc'.

Up to now, the only way I've found to export passes correctly is by hitting 'preview' or 'render', which takes me into maxwellrender immediately. I'd rather not, since I want to render cooperatively on my farm.

How do I export a pass without starting a render (in other words, export a MXS)?
By druitres
Thanks for confirming, that's what I meant with 'hit preview or render', it opens Studio, starts to render, I can hit 'stop' and then open the job manager with 'render via network' or wait and first do the same for all passes. What would be cleaner would be if

- file > export MXS uses the pass settings
- in the renderer options menu, under Globals > Save MXS, there is a 'Save MXS now' option
- have an option 'save pass MXS', 'Save all passes MXS' and 'Save selected passes MXS'

The last would be preferable IMO, since it's most in line with SI pass manager system.
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