By dmatarch
I'm trying to find the correct workflow for projecting an image in Cinema. I've seen relating articles in the other programs but nothing specific to the Cinema setup. I basically want to recreate a projector with some nice volumetric effects (much like the Maxwell v3 example image for image projectors). I've been trying to apply a HDR image material to a spotlight without success, can anyone help? I'm assuming there's no way currently to send an animation through as the projected image as I'd ultimately like to animate this and don't fancy doing each frame manually? Thanks
By JDHill
Sorry, but I don't think there's any way to do that. You can set up a Maxwell material with an emitter set to Emission=Color and Projection=Spot, but a) the map only accepts LDR, and b) there is no way to animate it. Frankly, I don't know how to create this type of projector (i.e. a material/light that would project an image through a volumetric) in Cinema itself -- please let me know if you do.
By dmatarch
Thank you for your quick response. That's actually done what I was wanting to do. It was the light setup that I was doing wrongly and so that's helped correctly project an image from a spot light now. The volumetric aspect just meant placing a Maxwell Volumetric cube around the scene to get a sense of the visible light from the projector so nothing more fancy than that.

I thought that was the case about animations not being importable so will have to manually upload a sequence of images for now. Maybe further along Maxwell will be able to handle animated textures for the light but I realise this is pretty niche for a request! Thanks for your help
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