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By macray
When I use RealFlow for C4D can I just replace the RF mesher with the MX mesher? how should that be used from c4d or is it better to use the rf mesher?
By JDHill
I'm not certain what you mean, because there are quite a few different ways of working with RF. If you are referring to the RF for Cinema plugin that was just released, you can't use MaxwellMesher, since that is for meshing RF files. I'll talk to the RF people and see if it might possible to do something similar, but using in-memory data from the RF mesher, in the future.
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By macray
yeah, I meant the recently released plugin. playing around with it... and when setting up the command palette for it I stumbled over the maxwell mesher command. That's why I ask.

I will only use the new RealFlow|C4D, not the complete package. That answered my question already.

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