Is there a tutorial available for creating a spectrum by passing light through a prism?


Dan Kuras
Michigan USA
By JDHill
I'm not sure if there's a tutorial, but it is not difficult -- literally, create a prism, and apply a glass material, along the lines of (this is a pretty typical glass material):
  • a single BSDF
  • Dispersion enabled (in the top-level material properties)
  • BSDF > Reflectance 0: [64,64,64]
  • BSDF > Reflectance 90: [255,255,255]
  • BSDF > Transmittance: [255,255,255]
  • BSDF > Attenuation: ~3.0 cm
  • BSDF > Nd: ~1.51
  • BSDF > Abbe: ~10.0
  • BSDF > Roughness: 0.0
Here is a quick Cinema file demonstrating this:
  • Image
And, here is the page in the documentation that deals most directly with the topic.

Sounds good :) Keep it up :)

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Looks nice!