By lalllall
Is there any online help for extra sampling with custom alpha with the c4d plugin? All documentation seems to focus on maxwell studio and there are completly diffrent options
within the c4d plugin. Does anyone know how to get this to work. Have the latest version of both renderer and plugin
By JDHill
The way to set this up is:
  • 1.In Scene Object > Output > Render Channels, enable Alpha Custom, click the Add New Channel button in the Custom Alphas section that appears, and give the newly-created channel a Name.
  • 2.Add an Object Properties tag to an object, and in the Custom Alpha Channels field, enter the Name of the channel created in step 1.
  • 3.In Scene Object > Engine > Extra Sampling, set Mask to Custom Alpha, and in the Custom Alpha field, and enter the Name of the channel created in step 1.

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