By unit52
It's actually impossible for me to let the volumetric work inside fire.
Every time it returns me this error:

1. [Extension MaxwellVolumetric] Error initializing Extension object Nullo <140516645475776>. The extension does not exist or cannot be loaded.
2. Loading geometry extensions.
3. Data preprocess failed. Render cannot continue.
4. startRender returned -1.

i'm using the latest plugin and maxwell version.
Attached ther's a scene not working for me... i'd like to know if i'm missing something or if it's ther's a bug...
I seen one other thread about volumetric and i think, i don't know why, it could be only a problem of mine....
Could somebody check the scene and tell me if it's working?
Thanks a lot ... c_test.c4d
By JDHill
Please try copying /Applications/Maxwell 3/extensions/libtbb.dylib to /Applications/Maxon/Cinema 4D R17/plugins/Maxwell/ext/osx/libtbb.dylib (the actual paths on your machine may be slightly different), and let me know if that takes care of the problem.
By unit52
Thank you very much for your answer, but i keep having problem.
Now it works in fire but every time i try to render the scene in maxwell it doesn't work.
The strange fact is that with simple scene (a cube) everything is ok, but with something more complicated fire doesn't work everytime and maxwell stand alone doesn't work at all (assuming by the preview).
I'm gonna attach a link to a video screen of what happens.
Also let me know if i'm posting in the wrong section or if you prefer me to contact the support. ...

By JDHill
It looks like things are functioning correctly from the plugin's perspective. I would probably try a test using a very low resolution, to see if the darker appearance of the main render is something having to do with low sampling level. If not, though, you should probably contact support through your account at, and send them a copy of your MXS file, so they can give you their opinion.
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