Hi guys,

I am deciding on a purchase from Viz-people, it is a shopping mall model pack: http://www.viz-people.com/shop/3d-mall-equipment/

There is a sample model on the link above and I have downloaded it and tested exporting the scene to Maxwell studio from a Cinema demo (I use Sketchup with Maxwell proxies mainly, I would like to make proxies of this collection). I dont know the reason as I am not a Cinema user, but when I open the scene in Maxwell, the materials dont get converted..

Is there any solution for this? I am not sure what I am missing,

thanks for your reply
First, I do not believe that the Cinema demo supports baking textures to disk, which means that your conversion will be missing various (or all) textures.

Beyond this, though, there is a show-stopper: the model is created in a way that is incompatible with Maxwell. It contains a single polygon object with many materials, including emitters, assigned to selections, and this is not allowed in Maxwell, as you can see in the Cinema Console during export, where it is reported many times that "error @ multi-mat object 'vm_v3_054_mall_island' (illegal emitter selection on non-emitter object)". To use the model, it would be necessary to cut it apart into many objects.

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