By Marc
Dear group,

I'm trying to create an average lightbulb. However when I try to render the image, the glass of the bulb seem to "block" the emitter of the filament. I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong.
The glass of the bulb is 0,5 mm thick. Also I noticed a difference in a Fire render (even when I set the values very high), the actual render in MW and the preview in MW. It seems the preview is doing the render as expected.

Kind regards


P.S. Maybe a dumb question, but I would like to attach images, but haven't found out how to:)
By JDHill
I don't think I'll be able to answer this without having a look at an example Cinema file, so please upload one to Dropbox (or similar) and post a link to it. Regarding posting images, it is necessary to upload the image to a site like and use [img][/img] tags to insert a link to it in your post.
By JDHill
Yes, and it allows me to pinpoint the problem, which is that by using a dielectric (i.e. real glass) for the bulb, you are setting up what is a very difficult case for an unbiased renderer like Maxwell: in order to reach the camera, a light path must leave filament -> enter glass -> exit glass -> reflect from wall -> enter glass -> exit glass -> enter glass -> exit glass -> reach camera. Though there is nothing physically wrong with this, and though Maxwell will eventually (it would take a very, very long time) solve the image, a more realistic approach is to use an AGS material for the bulb, especially since it is thin and would have minimal actual refraction.

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