By itifonhom
Hi there guys!
Long time no see, I was using Maxwell quite some time now with no problems at all but this time I needed to use a small simulation in my render and it won´t work! I´m sure I´m doing something wrong but have no clue what. So, this is the situation:

I set up in Cinema4D an Emitter with a Cloner as a child and as a child of the Cloner an object. The simulation is about empty shell cases eject out of an aircraft, into the wind. Therefore , I also use a Wind object, in order to throw the shell cases back. So I run the simulation, all looks fine in Cinema4D, only when I hit Render (I just need a still, not an animation) the simulation is gone, I just get some empty shell cases rendered, straight down and not constant, meaning there´s a big gap between the first shell and the emitter. Funny thing is, it looked like it renders correctly in FIRE, until I sent it to render in Studio, after that I couldn´t get to work in FIRE either.

So, anybody has an idea what I´m doing wrong here? The reason I need the simulation is because I want to get the correct motion blur on the shells as they gain distance from the aircraft, otherwise I could freeze the transformation and add them as objects in the scene. Any help is welcomed and appreciated!!!

Many thanks in advance!!
By JDHill
Please try enabling Scene Object > Output > Motion Blur & Animation > Pre-roll Timeline and let me know if it helps. Otherwise, please zip and send a copy of the scene (hopefully reduced in size as much as possible while still exhibiting the behavior) to me at jeremy at nextlimit dotcom.
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