By vpii
I have just recently upgraded and there was no manual. The link to the 2.6 maunual was a dead link also. Anyone have a link? Also trying to figure out shift lens in lightwave for Maxwell. Any clues would be great.
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By Mihnea Balta
The previous manual was removed since it was outdated. We're writing a new one from scratch, but we've fallen a bit behind on it and it's not online yet.

To use shift lens, make sure the camera type is set to MaxwellCamera. In the properties panel for that camera type you will see "Horizontal Film Offset" and "Vertical Film Offset", which are the parameters you're interested in. Unfortunately it's not possible to use the built-in shift camera type with Maxwell, because Lightwave doesn't expose its parameters in the SDK, so we can't read them.

PS: This information wasn't in the old manual anyway. :)

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