Why are my frames not rendering, maxwell plgin is asking not present user if he/she wants to upgrade? But seriously, it could give up doing it on every headless render node every few weeks... :lol:


...actually its same in 3dstudio max and probably other apps that i dont own too.
Apparently is enough that one of the object have maxwell shader on it.

And the settings, is plugin keeping configs file somewhere locally (we have network lightwave install, with config files and plugin folder stored on network drive)? I cant see 'dont check for new version' option having any effect on the computers on our render farm. :(

The autoupdate setting is kept in the registry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Next Limit Technologies\Maxwell Render\LWIntegration\AutoUpdateCheck. You can disable it by importing a .reg file which sets the value to 0 (like this, for example) or by running this command:
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reg add "HKCU\Software\Next Limit Technologies\Maxwell Render\LWIntegration" /v AutoUpdateCheck /d 0 /f
This has to be done on each render node.

We have looked into skipping the update check when LW runs in command line mode, but we couldn't find a way to detect this condition so far.
hardware question :)

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