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By PaZ
i'm editing a leaf material in LW Maxwell shader, and i think there is a bug.
If i set attenuation distance in MM, it seems there's no way to get an attenuation effect in material, no matter how thick you set it in SS SSS settings.
I.e. i set att. dist. at 2 mm, and set thickness at 1.5 mm, and translucency is gray (it should be green).
If i set attenuation in UM, then i can get some color filtering setting very high thickness values (i.e. 10, which should correspond to 10m).
I think there's a measurement unit issue here. Can anyone confirm ?

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By PaZ
ok, probably i discovered something; thickness value is always in mm, no matter if you type a unit. I.e, if i type 0.5m, Lightwave usually understrand it. in this case, if i type 0.001m, it will discard unit and consider that number as millimeters always.
Maybe it's enough to write "mm" near the numeric field.

By pixymboss
If so, why don't you remove the Attenuation Unit setting ?
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By Mihnea Balta
The attenuation unit setting affects the attenuation distance, which has a large range. If we always used mm for it (for example), you would have to input large values for some common materials. If we used a larger unit, you couldn't express very small attenuation distances, because the field is limited to 3 digits of precision (or something close to that).

This discussion was about the thickness value, which is different (smaller practical range) and doesn't use the attenuation unit setting. PaZ was saying that it doesn't respect the unit typed into the control (i.e. if you type 0.1 cm, instead of just 0.1), not that it doesn't respect the attenuation unit. Units typed into controls are not supported because the LW SDK doesn't expose them.
By pixymboss
Okay, thanks a lot for the clarification.

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