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By Mihnea Balta
Version 2.0.7
  • updated the car paint wizard to match MXED
  • added the metal and SSS wizards
  • fixed: monochromatic colors (grays) caused problems in the car paint, satin and velvet wizards
  • fixed: the range of the environment offsets was wrong
  • fixed: bogus characters in the labels of the reflectance controls in the material editor
  • fixed: the material libray and gallery browsing buttons didn't work on OSX
Features currently in development:
  • Lightweight instances (proxies) to allow placing a large number of instances without impacting viewport performance (instead of using clones as instances).
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By Mihnea Balta
Version 2.0.13
  • added an instancer plug-in which creates Maxwell instances at the locations specified by the points or polygons of a given object
  • added support for 64-bit Lightwave on OSX (requires 9.6.1)
  • added a button in the material UI which duplicates the selected layer or BSDF
  • added HDR, EXR and JP2 to the list of valid output image formats
  • renamed "Use Thickness" to "Single Sided SSS" in the BSDF UI
  • updated the AGS wizard to match MXED
  • fixed: clipmaps need to be inverted before they are passed to Maxwell as layer weights
  • fixed: the output image path was reset to MAXWELL2_ROOT/default.png when the user specified a bit depth that was not supported for the current image format
  • fixed: after importing 1.x materials, the name of some BSDF components became empty; now it is forced to "BSDF" when that happens.
  • fixed: when a material had displacement and the first layer was disabled, the displacement wasn't rendered
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By Mihnea Balta
Version 2.0.16
  • added a "send job to network" command
  • objects marked as non-renderable in the scene editor are no longer exported
  • "unseen by rays" is translated as "hidden in reflections/refractions" instead of completely invisible
  • when importing a texture which uses absolute units, it is configured with a cubic projector with the X and Y dimensions set to the X and Y repeat factors
  • fixed: invalid object positions when exporting the last frame in the timeline with motion blur enabled
  • fixed: the frame number appended to the output image name was off by 1 when motion blur was enabled
  • fixed: the plug-in didn't append frame numbers to MXI file names when exporting animations
  • fixed: materials with more than a few layers/BSDFs could not be saved
  • fixed: inverted clipmaps didn't work correctly
  • fixed: the plug-in didn't work in LW versions prior to 9.6
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By Mihnea Balta
Version 2.1.1
  • added a Maxwell camera plug-in which allows shift lens settings to be previewed in the viewport
  • added support for 2-color skydome
  • matched Simulens ranges to Studio
  • matched emitter intensity ranges to Studio
  • added support for the 2.1 render flags
  • added support for vertex normal maps
  • fixed: RFRK objects didn't render since 2.0.15
  • fixed: crash when importing certain MXM files
  • fixed: wrong focus distance when the camera was scaled
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By Mihnea Balta
Version 2.5.4
  • integrated FIRE
  • added SSS presets to the material wizard
  • material previews are rendered internally, without starting a separate Maxwell process, and can use the RS0 engine
  • added a plug-in option to refresh material previews automatically when the material changes
  • added the ability to save the sky as an HDR image
  • added a production/draft toggle in the render options
  • added a displacement scale value in the render options
  • fixed: the "use normal map" setting at the BSDF level was ignored
  • fixed: the default for normal map "flip Y" should be true
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By Mihnea Balta
Version 2.5.5
  • added support for LW 10 in the Windows installer
  • fixed: material previews and FIRE renders were darker than the production render
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By Mihnea Balta
Version 2.5.7
  • increased maximum ISO and shutter speed to 1,000,000
  • fixed: the plug-in was opening one log window for each exported animation frame, instead of reusing the same window
  • fixed: warning messages from the material translator did not appear in the export log window
  • fixed: FIRE crashes if displacement is used
  • fixed: different IES illumination in FIRE between Windows and OSX
  • fixed: object ID and material ID colors could change between frames of the same animation under some circumstances
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By Mihnea Balta
Version 2.6.9
  • new motion blur system
  • native lights are exported as generated geometry + emitter material
  • new referenced MXS object plug-in
  • added support for exporting only the current selection
  • emitter, camera and environment changes from Multilight can be brought back to the scene
  • new IES intensity parameter
  • new displacement settings
  • new render options: sharpness, HDTV color space, positions and normals render channels, HDR layer state, sun settings
  • the output image format and bit depth can be specified individually for each render channel
  • the resolution gate is overlayed on the FIRE window
  • added a plug-in option which controls the amount of messages generated during export
  • the export process can log messages to a file
  • when saving the FIRE image, the save dialog is initialized to the output file specified in the render options
  • the render options panel is no longer modal, to allow FIRE and the viewport to update when making changes to the environment
  • the focal length control no longer has focus when the camera options panel is opened, to prevent accidental editing
  • fixed: FIRE was not refreshed when changing instancer attributes
  • fixed: the material preview options were not loaded correctly in Modeler
  • fixed: FIRE crashed when editing the material on an object which has instances
  • fixed: disabled textures were still used in the render
  • fixed: endless revoxelization in FIRE in some scenes containing instancers
  • fixed: UV projectors with no UV map selected would cause the export process to abort with an "invalid UV value" error message
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By Mihnea Balta
Version 2.6.10
  • added a render option which controls light export (defaults to off)
  • made the render options panel wider
  • fixed: FIRE restart when opening the Maxwell material editor
  • fixed: infinite loop when trying to triangulate polygons with vertices shared by more than two edges
  • fixed: editing a material on an object with multiple surfaces messed up the texture projections for that object in FIRE
  • fixed: wrong transparency for native Lightwave surfaces
  • fixed: the displacement height was not converted to meters on export
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By Mihnea Balta
Version 2.6.15
  • added support for multi-step camera motion blur
  • a warning is printed if a referenced MXS file cannot be found at export time
  • the preview scene can be selected in the material editor panel
  • fixed: custom Maxwell objects had wrong positions in the viewport when parented to another object
  • fixed: lights used to provide the sun direction shouldn't be skipped if the sun is disabled
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By Mihnea Balta
Version 2.7.4
  • the Windows installer has explicit support for Lightwave 11
  • the OSX package contains separate files for each version of Lightwave that we support
  • added support for the Lightwave 11 instancer object
  • added Maxwell grass
  • image adjustments can be applied to textures by using the new "A" buttons located next to each texturable attribute
  • added a new entry in the list of displacement types: "3D RealFlow"
  • added anamorphic bokeh settings in the Maxwell camera attributes panel
  • fixed: the Maxwell instancer crashed under some circumstances on Windows
  • fixed: it was possible to open the attributes panel several times for the same RFRK or MXS reference object
  • fixed: opening a file request dialog could crash on Windows under some circumstances
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By Mihnea Balta
Version 2.7.6
  • the FIRE panel supports camera navigation
  • Maxwell image adjustments can be previewed interactively in the adjustments panel
  • grouped lights which have the same parameter values show up as a single slider in Multilight
  • MXS files can be exported directly from Modeler (only geometry and materials, no cameras, environment settings etc.)
  • stereo cameras are exported as two Maxwell cameras, one for each eye
  • the LW images directory is added to the search paths used by Maxwell at render time
  • send job to network supports animations
  • updated ranges for grass parameters to match Studio
  • fixed: hiding or showing an object did not refresh FIRE
  • fixed: importing materials with the library or gallery browser didn't work in some cases
  • fixed: the plug-in was making the LW viewport very slow under some circumstances
  • fixed: wrong names for exported objects under some circumstances
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